Romy and Mitch’s Wedding

Hello all my Brides and Grooms!

I will start this blog by sharing one of my favourite quotes from Winter Vault by Anne Micheals  “…and that love arrives not by accumulating to a moment, like a drop of water focused on the tip of a branch – it is not the moment of bringing your whole life to another – but rather, it is everything you leave behind. At that moment…”

Weddings to me are the celebration of finding the one true love of your life but also the moving forward in the new chapter of life with that person. Sometimes you get use to the love that is displayed before you as a planner. You get used to the drama, the elegance, the pageantry of it all and then you meet a couple that, in spite of it all are truly two halves of a whole, that together create such a wall of love and magic that you too have to stop and wonder, stop and just inhale it deeply and immerse yourself in it. Even as I write this, I am totally aware that it may sound a bit overly romantic and somewhat outlandish but it is true. Romy and Mitch truly embody love. Not just the romantic love but a sacrificial love that serves to protect the other and embrace the other.

I met with them both, as with most couples, ensuring that I understood what their needs would be for the wedding I think in that moment I kinda fell for them both. I don’t think that I have ever met a more loving, thoughtful soul in Romy and in Mitch I saw a love for her so unconditional and supportive. It is very inspiring.

The ceremony was beautiful as most are, both pairs of parents beaming, bridal party full of characters, some of which I have become very accustomed to seeing ;) and  to be honest it really was a beautiful day.

I can go on about the venue and decor and food, all of which were very lovely but what stands out to me the most was their love for each other. Forever, Romy and Mitch will have such a warm place in my heart and I so happy to have witnessed their marriage and been part of their day. As you they both move into the next phase of life’s journey together I wish them all the love and blessings one could every hope for and dream.

I hope you all enjoy the lovely wedding photos shared by the lovely couple and for those that may not believe, there really is love out there for everyone, I saw that first hand.

Necole Raquel <3



Florist: Flower 597
Photography/Videography: Uproductions
DJ: DJ Navin
Make up: Hey Jolie


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Christyn and Costa’s Wedding November 14th 2015

Hello all my Brides and Grooms!

I truly think I have been blessed with some of the most amazing brides and grooms. I met with this lovely couple on a Saturday this summer during the madness that was the Pan Am Games. My first impression of both Costa and Christyn was that they seemed so together and relaxed. I come to find out later that Costa was and is a huge WWE fan (a man of my own heart) and Christyn is a Jays fan so I knew that we were destined to be. ;)

I must also say that this couple was so good about the whole process. I believe having a good solid foundation that they have built in the relationship, as well as being very grounded individuals, allowed them to see that it was their relationship that was being celebrated and they did not get too involved in the nonsense of it all.

I must also say how awesome Christyn is having to go through the process of being baptized into the church. I tell you, that is love!

The wedding ceremony was beautiful and took place at St. George’s Greek Orthodox Church of Toronto, which I am told “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2″ wedding scenes were filmed in this church.   The reception took place at Rosewater Room and it was lovely and elegant. The decor was cream and gold. It was a dream!

Over all the dancing, food, family and friends, all had a great time. There really was a lot of love in the room. Everyone in attendance really love Christyn and Costa and you can tell. Costa’s mom is such a cute woman, I mean you just want to hug her and Christyn’s mom was so warm and supportive. I have to say Christyn’s father gave such a wonderful speech, you can tell that she is his little girl and Costa’s father is such a riot and can cut a rug. You can tell from both families how both the bride and groom turned out to be such great people. They both come from great stock and will have long loving marriages as their parents.

In the end, I was reminded during this wedding through my interactions with the bride, groom and their families that true love exists and thrives in the world and I am so happy to have been a part of the day.


Necole Raquel <3



Venue: Rosewater Room

Florist: Flowers Time

Photographer/DJ: Infinite Digital

Hair & Make up: Fancy Face Inc.

Limo Service: Exclusive Limo



Pic-Infront-of-Church-150x150 Pic-at-Rosewater-150x150

Pic-at-Rosewater-4-150x150 Pic-at-Rosewater-3-150x150



Styled Shoot for The Wedding Planner Magazine

Styled Shoot for The Wedding Planner Magazine

Photos taken by: Vanessa Picano – Email:

Make up and Hair by: Creatively Beautiful – Email: – Phone: 905-877-8497

Creative Director: Necole Raquel James/Necole Raquel Events – Email:

Venue: The Bata Shoe Museum –  327 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON M5S 1W7

Wedding Dresses:

  • Lea-Ann Belter   : Cocktail/Lace dress “Florence” and Princess Gown “Scarlett”